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Has your cell site tenant contacted you?

Wireless Realty Advisors understands the process of negotiating and selling wireless leases, and we have contacts with all the significant buyers in the marketplace today. We work hard to secure the highest and best offer on your behalf, and this approach is designed to obtain the very best deal for you. For those who become our clients, we provide exclusive representation. This is how you should market any type of commercial real estate, and this is how you should sell your wireless lease.

The Right Advice

Recently, we spoke with a property owner who received a number of calls. No doubt you receive them, too. We reviewed his tower with multiple carriers without charge, and advised the seller NOT to sell. We recommended that he hold off selling his lease for about five more years, as then he would have far greater leverage to command a much better price. Will we handle his transaction when the time comes? We have no idea, but it was the right advice to give.

Transparency and No Gimmicks

Our business model mirrors the most successful and ethical standards in the real estate brokerage industry, and that’s what this is — a real estate brokerage transaction. While it might sound like a great deal to work with an agent who says that “you pay nothing” because the buyer pays their fees, you certainly must realize this is misleading because their fees are deducted from the net proceeds the buyer is willing to pay you, just as when you buy a car and the dealer “pays your taxes”. You know that the taxes are built into the purchase price you pay for the car.

Here to get you the Best Deal

Working with anyone who receives his or her compensation from the buyer blurs loyalty and negatively affects the best deal the representative negotiates for you. By how much? Certainly by many tens of thousands of dollars — even hundreds of thousands if the structure of the deal doesn’t favor you in regard to collocation and other factors that affect your property. And they do.

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